There are three core tenets of Knighthood in the Knights of Saint Patrick. Prayer is the primary tenet for without prayer the other two will not happen, or at the least will not happen as they should.

Prayer is, at its very basic level, having a conversation with God. Sometimes, especially if you don’t pray often, praying can seem like a one way conversation. It seems like the only one talking is you, and you can’t tell if God is even listening or not. Sometimes this is how prayer is, sometimes it is us talking to God without God giving a reply. But, many times, God does speak to us during our prayers, through our prayers, or even right in our prayers. We have to have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see”, as our Lord says.

Our ability to hear God speaking to us isn’t something that comes natural in the modern world. We are used to the constant noise, the constant barrage of attention seeking advertising, the constant opportunity to keep our mind spinning on things that turn out to be unimportant in the grand scheme. Ultimately that is what we are after isn’t it, knowing the grand scheme. God wants to let us in on it, or at least our part in it, but we have to learn to pay attention to him.

Working and Evangelizing come after Prayer in importance because you won’t know what Works to perform and how you are called to evangelize unless you are able to ask God and listen to God answer. Prayer is therefore our primary tenet.

How do we Pray?

Now that we know that praying is important, how do we pray?