As Knights we have our armament for combat. Our struggle is for Christ and his Church and we are opposed by Satan and his angels. May no mistake, you will need every tool that God avails us.

Our Sword

A two sided broadsword. Etched on one side is the word Prayer. Etched on the other side is the word Fasting. Remember the words of our Lord. Matthew 17:21

But this kind [of demon] does not go out except by prayer and fasting.

A strong prayer life is required of all knights, and a commitment to fasting as well. Build up your sword and hone the edges until you can easily cut through the distractions of this life to the Will of God.

Our Shield

The Eucharist. The very flesh of God made manifest before us. The body, blood, soul, and divinity. God the Son, Jesus. Christ, under the appearance of bread and wine. This is our shield as Knights of Saint Patrick.

Frequent reception of the Eucharist and frequent reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation to ensure our worthiness of reception of God unto our bodies are tenets of our Knighthood.

If Jesus is with you not just spiritually but also bodily and you call on his protection then there is no evil that can assail you and win. Receive Him often, stand, sit, and kneel in his presence often. Be with the Master, in order that you might learn from Him. Spend time in adoration, spend time with God, and know that He is with us not only with out spirits but also with our bodies.

Our Armor

Knights don armor to protect themselves in battle. Just the same you should don spiritual armor everyday to protect yourself and your family. Build you armor of prayers, starting with our shared prayer, the Breastplate of Saint Patrick.